A tip on overheating laptops.

Laptop overheating is no new problem. It’s been there since the beginning of time…
…of laptops.

So what causes it to overheat?

Firstly, i’m sure your laptop didn’t heat up like it does now when you just bought it and played Assassins Creed 3 on maximum graphics, that it, used your laptop on full load.

So it’s overheating now means there’s a problem that can be fixed.

This is how:

1. Open up your laptop.
If you’re not an expert but still prefer to do it yourself, I’ll recommend googling about how to open your laptop. It’s best to watch a YouTube video on that, if that’s available. Don’t settle for tutorials that aren’t for your model or even a similar one, as some components are always different, look for exactly your model. Or a very similar one if you don’t find it.
Tip: If it takes more strength than crushing an empty can to open a component, you’re doing it wrong.
You may do step 3 here only or after step 2.

2.  Clean all the dirt using a soft brush and a soft cloth, DO NOT USE CLEANSING LIQUIDS!

3.  Open up the fan. Yes, you can open it up. If your tutorial didn’t tell you how to, look around the laptop motherboard for screws connected to the base. Unscrew them and flip it over, safely. And find a way to open your fan!

Result: You’ll find that there was an amazing amount of dirt stuck up in there! Clean it all up using that brush I told you about! Blow it nice and strong, make sure you dry blow it and if you’re blowing with your mouth, no saliva goes out. Then screw everything back together, it should be good as new!

Self experience:
I tried this once with my Dell Inspiron M5010. I opened and didn’t find a lot of dust around the motherboard, still I cleaned it and fixed it back, the overheating problem didn’t go. Why? Cuz I didn’t open the fan. Later when I did and cleaned it thoroughly, it worked great!

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