MINECRAFT 101: Everything a Beginner needs to know

Welcome fellow Minecrafters and beginners. Before you continue reading, i’ll tell you why should you read this post. 1. Cuz I am fairly experienced and can actually tell you everything you need to know about the game. 2. I have hosted servers and played on 

Word Ruggle : Its like Wordament on Android!

Hi everyone! This time I’ve brought you an app review, for Word Ruggle! This was suggested by my friend, Soumajeet Basu, and if you’re a fan of word games and if you’ve simply loved Wordament but don’t have a Windows device (or at least can’t 

How to pass your time, when you have nothing to do…

Believe me, i’m a king on this one. The reason this post even exists is that most people would just become couch potatoes without any work. So why not do something comparatively productive that doesn’t require killing yourself? Why you should read this? As I