NDA 2013 Paper 1 Solutions: Mathematics Answer Keys

Ok then! Lets get down to business. No faulty links. Nothing. Sheer answer keys. Don’t ask for the solutions. I’m too busy to post them now. U’ll get them on UPSC website after a few days. But i’ll give you all the answer keys to 

Mistakes to be made at school. Tips for an awesome school life.

Hey guys, my school life is just about to end in a couple of days, so I’ll tell you about the mistakes I made throughout my life at school and around, mistakes, that you should do too! Note: Why you should read this? Cuz i’m 

Screwed up Class 12 CBSE Board practicals?

You’re at the right place. Cuz I know: You messed up your CBSE 12 boards prac. preps. You are in a desperate need of a legit solution. What I recommend is YouTube. I discovered several channels that have really good videos explaining the important practicals.