Mistakes to be made at school. Tips for an awesome school life.

Hey guys, my school life is just about to end in a couple of days, so I’ll tell you about the mistakes I made throughout my life at school and around, mistakes, that you should do too!

Why you should read this?
Cuz i’m an average student, so my life can be adopted by everyone from those good at studies without getting bad at academics, to those bad at studies to perhaps improve?

Note 2:



1. Bunking classes
That’s the most common one, you don’t need to even read about it on the internet! But, i’m a bit scared to bunk, but I bunked over 30% of the classes in a session! How, here’s how.

1.1. Doing my computer project in class 12.
I’ll admit, i’m good at practical computer science. So I was the one making the best computer project in the class, and that has it’s perks. I used to bunk (with permission, I exited the class) all the classes for Weeks to complete my project. Now what I used to do after exciting the class in undocumented, if you know what I mean! 😛

1.2. Doing my science project in class 10.
I used to hate my Hindi classes. So I bunked with my entire group so work on the project. This is a risky one, especially considering our dangerous Rakhi ma’am. The consequences were harshly insulting, but see! That gave me a story to tell! Pretty legit reason to bunk!

1.3. I hated the classes in class 11, and I had to design the school magazine too!
The teachers in class 11, especially physical education and chemistry ones (the same chemistry teacher which I started liking in 12th) were totally sick. Luckily I had the bunkers pass! Designer for the school magazine! Almost half the year was spent bunking for it!

1.4. Be the quizzer!
Quizzing at school has it’s own advantages! I wasn’t a quizzer, but one of my best friends was! He too got to legally bunk over half a session to quiz! But who knows what he was up to after he stepped out of the classroom? Did you? Not me! 😛

There are many more ways to bunk! I’ll recommend taking part in activities around the school, it helps teachers to know and grade you better! Even though you were bunking, so bunking at such a massive scale might come at a cost of marks! But it’s all worth it!

2. Practical files
Most of us, if not all, have to prepare practical files/records for a session. What I did was nothing. Yeah, but then I might have just been lucky to have had such cooperative teachers and awesome lab attendants. I wrote my file at the absolute end of the year and got it all checked with legit dates! Love my teachers! Also I bunked the practical classes too! So I didn’t know how to perform any of it! But I scored amazing in the board practicals! How? That’s a lucky secret, you should rather not try it if you’re in a strict environment.

3. No homework! B.please! No classwork notebooks!
I made all the notebooks, but didn’t complete any of them, my teachers let me loose enough to get by without completing them. But what some of my friends did was epic excuses! You might want to learn some! This mistake was supported by the second mistake, of bunking!

4. Being absent or late.
Being late wasn’t my thing till class 12, after that, hehehe. Soumajeet used to give epic excuses on my behalf and or class teacher returned epic responses!

Sir: why are you late?
Soumajeet: there was a train stopped on the tracks in front of the rail gate sir!
Sir: why can’t you fly?

That’s just one example, but if you have such awesome teachers, being late might just be a good idea!
And about being absent, reasons can be many, but the best thing was, my class teacher, I called him up and asked what excuse to write, so he did say a good one! You don’t have teachers like me do you?

5. Fall in love. Get a girlfriend.
No explanation needed. Just do it, hurt in love or not, it’s an amazing experience.
Now getting a girlfriend isn’t that easy, for a lot of us like me! But I did get one! Why can’t you?

That’s all I remember now, I’ll update more as I recall. Meanwhile, why don’t you share yours?

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  • add quiz in that bunking section. I bunked almost 75% of the classes of the whole session every year jst by saying i had quiz practice. And luckily, in the penultimate year, it got even more extended as i got a chance at the Nationals. Quiz is all about bunking and nothing else. Neel too feels the same! 😛

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