Screwed up Class 12 CBSE Board practicals?

You’re at the right place. Cuz I know:

  • You messed up your CBSE 12 boards prac. preps.
  • You are in a desperate need of a legit solution.

What I recommend is YouTube. I discovered several channels that have really good videos explaining the important practicals. But then, you are always welcome to search on your own. YouTube or not, videos are the best ways to understand how to do a practical is done if you don’t know shit about it… P.S.: I didn’t take bio stream. So I wont be helping much with bio issues.

Chemistry Practicals
Great channel for almost all chemistry practicals. Thank the uploader. Be courteous.

Physics Practicals
Another great channel for some of the physics practicals. Not very great quality videos, but beggars cant be choosers.

If y’all find better quality videos for the same, and more videos too, please do notify. It might do a lot of guys good. Thank y’all!

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