Word Ruggle : Its like Wordament on Android!

Hi everyone! This time I’ve brought you an app review, for Word Ruggle!

This was suggested by my friend, Soumajeet Basu, and if you’re a fan of word games and if you’ve simply loved Wordament but don’t have a Windows device (or at least can’t regularly connected it to the internet), Word Ruggle is the game for you!

Word Ruggle has a bit different UI than Wordament, but still very similar. There’s still the swiping for words, still the 4×4 grid, still a real time online gameplay with many other players from across the globe! This app is supported across all devices! And you don’t need a high speed internet to play it, 2G works just fine.

About user experience:
Firstly, i’m using this game on the way too old Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-I5801. This device runs it, means any device can. Literally.
The game feels pretty smooth, no noticeable lags damn show processor like the one on my phone, and it doesn’t really get irritating. Now if you aren’t a fan of word games, that’s a different issue, isn’t it?

Summing it up:
Good game, nice UI, smooth functioning, engaging!

On google play:
Word Ruggle on Google Play

Here’s some screenshots:





Tell us how you feel about this game.

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